Enki AMG-2 Double Bass Case 3. Gen


Case für 2 E-Bässe

  • aus rotationsgeformtem Polyethylen
  • EVA Schaumstoffeinlage für 2 E-Bässe
  • solide Achsen und leichtgängige Räder
  • abnehmbarer Deckel
  • Vorhängeschloss-Vorrichtung
  • weicher EVA-Zubehör Koffer
  • begrenzte Garantie auf Lebenszeit
  • Abmessungen: 1397 x 482,6 x 279,4 mm
  • Gewicht: 11,8 kg
Erhältlich seit Dezember 2022
Artikelnummer 552751
Verkaufseinheit 1 Stück
Modell E-Bass
Finish Polyethylene
Farbe Schwarz
633 CHF
Versandkostenfrei und inkl. MwSt.
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Sofort lieferbar

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Very impressed indeed
Bassman Steve 29.12.2022
I have been thinking about getting a decent case to transport my basses 'on the road' for a good while. I'm one of those people that keeps them with me, even to the hotel. Lugging two hard cases is difficult when you have a case with clothes etc in it, too.

A gig bag was no good, as it travels in the back with the gear. So, it had to be solid and portable. More important, it had to store the basses securely. Whenever I buy a case, I put the bass in it and give it a good shake. Very few indeed pass this test.

I did a good bit of research and took into account factors such as security (as above), practicality and value.

The conclusion was this case. It arrived quickly and, after a small adjustment (moving the - moveable - foam to accommodate the necks) I was ready to go. The basses are a really good, snug fit and I have no doubt they will be safe in the Enki.

There are plenty of videos on YouTube to demonstrated their longevity, but I am really pleased with it and have no qualms about the cost.

I view it as a very worthwhile investment.
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